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Public misled about the scope of residential development in the Del Monte Forest

Which is it, Mr. Stilwell? Are the 90 new estate lots currently being advertised, the last lots the Company will develop in the Del Monte Forest, or aren’t they?

The Overview

The public has been told over and over that the “final” Del Monte Forest Build-out allows the creation of 90 to 100 new single-family residential lots.Equipment (To view examples of media coverage, click here.) But now, as bulldozers clear vast swaths of forest to make way for spacious half acre and one acre lots and  the PB Co. is running ads saying “These 90 estate lots are the last ones that Pebble Beach Company will develop in Pebble Beach”, comes a surprise. In reality more homes may be allowed in a previously unmentioned 13 acre tract of native Monterey pine forest called “Area D.” Continue reading

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