It’s Too Small AND Too big

The proposed development by the Pebble Beach Company in the narrow strip of Del Monte Forest known as “Area D” on land use maps is too small and too big.

The plan would put 24 family homes, 53 parking spaces including carports, storage spaces and an office in a developed plot the size of just over one football field.

Imagine that for a moment. You would only fit about 10 typical Pacific Grove lots in a similar space. So, on the one hand, that seems pretty small. It’s awfully dense as housing goes, especially in Pebble Beach.

On the other hand, when you consider that it nearly fills the space between Congress Road and the Del Monte Park neighborhood of Pacific Grove between Lincoln and Funston avenues, it’s just too big.

Too big a footprint of Del Monte Forest to be decimated with yet another Pebble Beach Company building project. Too many trees (more than 700), wildlife habitat and trails gratefully used daily to be destroyed forever.

So the project is both too small and too big. It’s not “just right” for anyone.