Success at October 16 P.G. City Council meeting!

Message from Fred Hernandez

Last night (Wednesday), the Del Monte Park neighbors showed up by the dozens at the Pacific Grove City Council session, to protest the “delusionary” housing proposed by Pebble Beach. We took the council by storm, and they were impressed by our controlled passion. We assured them we will be back — we will not go away.

I know we made a big difference in attitude. More on this later, but I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the stalwarts who patiently waited for several hours to say their piece. We now have the full attention of the PG City Council.

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Message from Laura Harris

The Council voted unanimously to establish an ad hoc committee (Cuneo & Miller) to 1) draft a Letter of Inquiry that will answer all of our many questions, including what other alternative locations had previously been evaluated. 2) present information and recommend further activity to The Council once this LOI has been answered. 3) act as a liaison for its constituency throughout this entire process.

Congratulations to all who wrote and/or spoke! Our group also received several compliments by The Council re: how well we represented our cause (passionate, yet extremely well composed).

I think I speak for ALL when I say, we are VERY pleased with The Pacific Grove City Council! THANK YOU!

Message From Site Administrator

To view highlights of comments made at the P.G. City Council meeting, click here. And don’t forget to keep circulating those petitions! We need to let them know how many we are and that we are not going away! To download a petition, please click here.

One thought on “Success at October 16 P.G. City Council meeting!

  1. It really was a good meeting. The Mayor and City Council seem to have come to the table with open minds. They listened to our concerns and responded with the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee. The first plan, according to the mayor, will be to “meet with interested parties” (that’s us, by the way), “figure out what we already know,” and “draft a letter of inquiry” to be sent to the Pebble Beach Company to get answers to our questions and establish what alternatives to Area D have thus far been considered and with what results. We were organized, informed, and civil. That seems to be what it takes . . . Well done all!

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