PB Co. argues FOR on-site inclusionary housing

“We think this is a really, really ideal site for affordable housing rental project for our employees,” Mark Stilwell, Pebble Beach Company Executive Vice President of Real Estate, speaking at the Monterey County Housing Advisory Committee Meeting, January 8, 2014

Excerpts from, County housing committee recommends approval on Pebble Beach affordable housing project, Sara Rubin, Monterey County Weekly, January 9, 2014: (To view full article, click here.)

“Mark Stilwell, Pebble Beach Co. executive vice president of real estate, explained the company’s change of heart. Originally they planned to just pay the fee, but under political pressure from county leadership, set out to identify an appropriate site, and settled on this controversial parcel of Del Monte Forest, known as ‘Area D.'”

“He also pointed out that the property is zoned residential and owned by Pebble Beach Co.; if the affordable housing project is denied, he said the company may propose a market-rate development on the same site in the future.

The key reasons Stilwell says they settled on Area D: It’s zoned residential; Pebble Beach Co. owns it; the site has water rights and ready utility hook-ups; it’s near Pebble Beach’s job centers, and also near public transit, shopping and public schools; and it’s within county jurisdiction, but outside the sensitive coastal zone.”