Alternative: The Old Capitol Site

At the September 2013 meeting of the Del Monte Forest LUAC, Mark Stillwell of Pebble Beach Company stated that the company had once considered the Old Capitol site as an alternate location for the inclusionary housing currently proposed for Area D in the DMF.

Unlike Area D, one of the three parcels that comprise the Old Capitol site: (APN # 001-761-051-000, 10 acres). is only sparsely forested, thus hundreds of native trees could be saved by moving the project there.

Old Capitol Site (APN # 001-761-051-000 outlined in purple)

The parcel, is located across the street from Del Monte Center in Monterey, offers many other advantages. It is owned by PBC, zoned residential, already subdivided into a parcel of similar size to the Area D parcel, located along MST transit lines, near a gas station, bank, pharmacy, grocery store and other services as well as a freeway on-ramp. It is also only a few miles away from work for Pebble Beach employes.

Further, since there is currently no other residential development in the immediate vicinity, it would alleviate numerous problems associated with Area D, including disruption of existing neighborhood land use patterns, traffic, parking, noise, and light pollution.