Forest & neighbors lose out in Dave Potter’s horse-trading

We believe “horse-trading” by Dave Potter and PB Co. executives led to the targeting of native Monterey pine forest for destruction to make way for high-density “inclusionary” apartments. Pebble Beach Company executive, Mark Stilwell, was quoted in the Monterey County Weekly as citing  “political pressure from county leadership” as the reason the Company proposed the” Area D” site rather than paying the in lieu fee. To see for yourself, watch the following video (derived from the June 19, 2012 Board of Supervisor’s meeting) where they refer to their discussions. (Incidentally, watching this video is the best way to get up to speed on this complex issue.) This current debacle only serves to further tarnish Dave Potter’s poor environmental record. For more information, please refer to our post The Dave Potter Connection.

PB Co. on greenwashing campaign

“This habitat destruction will be on top of the over 6,000 trees already being sacrificed to PB Co’s so-called “final” DMF build-out.Equipment

Cut trees 5A recent flurry of editorials and media coverage presents the affordable apartments proposed for Pebble Beach as an environmentally beneficial project, opposed only by selfish NIMBY’s. PB Co. executive Mark Stilwell has been conducting frequent tours of the site and press interviews in an apparent attempt to sanitize an environmental nightmare and preempt balanced reporting and legitimate criticism.

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