We’re not through yet!

I congratulate the Pebble Beach Land Use Committee on its wise decision to recommend that affordable housing should be built elsewhere, without destroying a large part of the forest. Other sites are readily available, sites that would not call for cutting down more than 700 trees. I also welcome the decision that the project should be scaled down to 18 units or so.

In an obtuse way, I also thank the Pebble Beach Company for causing the Del Monte neighborhood to organize in opposition to its ill-conceived plan. The petition we circulated garnered more than 300 signatures, and that’s only a fraction of the people in our area. So now we represent a sizable block of voters, and we plan to grow in order to fight for the preservation of the forest.

As chairman Rod Dewar said, “This is democracy in action.” And we’re not through yet.

Fred Hernandez, Pacific Grove

High-density Nuisance

I object to the Pebble Beach development proposed for the wooded area at end of Lincoln, Miles and Lawton avenues in Pacific Grove. This development will have a significant negative impact on our bordering Pacific Grove residences. The proposed high density development is not in keeping with our single family residential neighborhood.

The parking lot that is proposed to be built within 100 feet of Pacific Grove lots will impose a noise nuisance that will prohibit the enjoyment of our personal property. Assuming that there will be parking lot lights I also object to the unwelcome light that will fall on our properties and also the light pollution of the night skies.

I object to the insufficient parking planned for the residents and guests of the proposed 24 units. I foresee the streets of Lincoln, Miles, Lawton and Shafter being used for overflow parking.

Ann Schrader, Pacific Grove

P.G. Residents Aghast

We residents of Del Monte Park in Pacific Grove are aghast. First we noticed that 100 trees bore red spray paint dots. That means they would be cut down.

Then we found out that 716 (!) trees will be removed. Then we found out that 24 housing units were being built down the block from us.

And we were told another street was being built within that six-plus acre forest for the two-plus acre development.

At a meeting in Pebble Beach on Thursday we were told that the 24 units were not houses, but “townhouse” rental units, with carports and extra parking spots. And maybe all of the renters would be Pebble Beach employees.

And then we realized that the units would be placed in an arc, with the open end of the arc facing our homes. That means the added noise pollution from this “Motel 24” will be aimed at our homes in Pacific Grove.

Can anybody please help us wrestle down this nightmare?

Fred Hernandez, Pacific Grove

I Take Umbrage

I must say I take umbrage regarding The Herald’s editorial, “Don’t judge ‘quality’ of townhouse tenants” (Sept. 10). Many residents in the immediate area and surrounding environs are extremely concerned regarding this project’s environmental impact.

Originally the project was to be 18 units, now it’s 24. Likewise, the parking spaces increased from 40 to 53. As of midyear, 124 Monterey pines and 35 coastal live oaks would be removed. Now, 716 trees will be removed. This project has increased in size from about 2 acres to approximately 2.6 acres.

And, why the planned parking spaces for these units are not facing toward SFB Morse Drive in Pebble Beach still baffles me.

The residents will now encounter increased traffic, noise and vehicle emissions because these spaces will be facing directly toward their homes. Plus, the additional traffic and noise created by visitors to these units.

Concerned residents are wonderful stewards of the forest. We are all very thankful to share in the natural resources of this area. But Del Monte Park is a dense residential area. So, this is clearly an argument for very legitimate environmental concerns. Hopefully, together we can agree to reduce this project’s environmental footprint.

Deborah Kenwood

Pacific Grove

I am In Shock

I am in shock that we, as homeowners in this area, have not been contacted prior to yesterday (September 27, 2013) ! With all of the available land within Monterey County, why have they chosen one of the beautiful “gateways’ into our beloved Pebble Beach to place a facility such as this???

When we were planning to rebuild a house on our property, it was understood that we must follow the letter of the law, which included intense planning scrutiny, neighborhood notification and approvals as well as county approvals prior to our ability to build.

Even thought it’s apparent that a great deal of work and discussion has preempted notification of such plans to the surrounding neighborhood, why is it apparent that the remodeling/rebuilding laws apply to the property owners and not to those related to this project with respect to neighborhood notification and approval?

Along with all economic issues we are facing in today’s world, how can you justify that this project WON’T cause all land values to drop in this area??? I am against this project in this location.

Ellen Gruber, Pebble Beach

Rebuttal to Carmel Pine Cone Editorial of September 13, 2013

I find it incredibly ironic that you are complaining about not being able to get information from your municipal government, and at the same time are trying to keep information from your readers. Moreover, you are resorting to ad-hominem attacks on the very people who simply want to know what the real story is regarding “inclusionary” housing in Pebble Beach. The tone of your editorial in the Sept. 13th edition of your paper was truly appalling and disappointing. It certainly wasn’t up to your usual high standards – not even close. It is a sad day when a group of volunteers with little notice can compile more relevant information and get to the real heart of an issue better and faster than a “professional” news organization. (www.DelMonteNeighborhood.org)

The obfuscation, distortion, and outright lies that have surrounded this behind-the-scenes deal are out of place in a society that prides itself on the democratic process. All we are asking for is the truth and to have our concerns addressed in an open and honest manner.

Peter Mathews, Pebble Beach

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  1. Last night (Wednesday), the Del Monte Park neighbors showed up by the dozens at the Pacific Grove City Council session, to protest the “delusionary” housing proposed by Pebble Beach. We took the council by storm and they were impressed by our controlled passion. we assured them we will be back — we will not go away. I know we made a big difference in attitude. More on this later, but I just wanted to give a shout-out to all the stalwarts who patiently waited for several hours to say their piece. We now have the full attention of the PG City Countil.

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