A Cardinal principle of land use, Editorial, Paul Miller, Carmel Pine Cone, Oct. 18, 2013.

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Letter to the Editor (sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh.)

Thank you Paul Miller for bringing to light a most disturbing fact! (Editorial. October 18, 2013 A Cardinal Principle of Land Use)

Before your editorial, I had no idea residents of Del Monte Park were responsible for “noise, traffic, blight, tree removal, odors, loss of privacy, global warming, and whatever.”

The “whatever” is of particular concern since, as you pointed out, it is being done by those whose “hands are already dirty.” I infer from your editorial that they are even doing it in their back yards!

No doubt the community will be aghast to learn of its infiltration by this scourge upon the earth, masquerading as ordinary, decent people, even friends and neighbors.

Given what they have done in their own back yard, you are quite right that they should not even be allowed to voice any objections to the 30,000 square foot affordable housing apartment complex PB Co. wants to build there. Too bad we can’t just duct-tape their mouths shut. But alas, they persist in showing up at public meetings and holding forth on delmonteneighborhood.org.

Thaleia Widenmann

Pebble Beach

NOTE: Thank you Paul Miller for having the good humor to print our facetious letter.