Environmentalists back P.B. workforce housing plan, Kelly Nix, Carmel Pine Cone, October 18 , 2013

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The recent article entitled “Environmentalists Back P.B. Workforce Housing Plan” was quite a stretch. We had no idea that the League of Women Voters was considered an environmental organization. However, we have learned it is an affordable housing advocate and specifically encourages on-site inclusionary housing policies and zoning flexibility. To view information from the local LWV about their position, click here.

We found it curious, also, that Amy White of Land Watch pledged “full support” once environmental documents were reviewed.  Sounds like the “review” of the plan is a mere formality. White, by the way, for reasons that are unclear, has been advocating all along for the affordable housing to be built in the Del Monte Forest.

According to the Pine Cone, Joyce Stevens, director of Monterey Pine Forest Watch and Janet Brennan a member of League of Women Voters, mentioned seeing trash, bottles, dog feces, and bike jumps during their tour of the forest led by Mark Stilwell of P.B. Co..  “Neighbors have loved this property to death, so there is little habitat to protect,” said Stevens. Amy White, of Landwatch, remarked that during the visit the forest looked degraded, in her opinion.

So there is some trash and kids have built themselves a few bicycle ramps there. Is that really all it takes to “degrade” a forest environment? Are these people telling us that picking up trash is impossible? I’m sorry, but we just don’t believe that. In fact, we have already organized a forest cleanup.

The allegedly "degraded" forest

The allegedly “degraded” forest

We are weary of hearing Mark Stilwell whine about how the P.B. Co. wasn’t allowed to bulldoze the entire forest, so we should be grateful for their magnanimous “improvement” of our neighborhood and “preservation” of the forest.  Never mind the 6000 trees that are already being destroyed and the 700 more that will be replaced by a huge parking lot, access road, and high-density rental apartment complex.

This project could be built without destruction of forest on a site owned by P.B. Co. in Pacific Grove which would actually place P.B. Co workers closer to Spanish Bay. We understand  that Stevens, Brennan, and White are eager to see P.B. Co. employees living in Pebble Beach, but they are not seeing the forest through the trees.