Erik Cushman, Monterey County Weekly, Oct 3, 2013


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NOTE: Erik Cushman’s wife, Kristen Cushman is founder and executive director of The Offset Project, of which the AT & T Pebble Beach National Pro Am is a client. For more information, please click here and here.


Erik states, “this is a project worth endorsing. But in the neighborhood it’s being viewed as a local version of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Correction: In the neighborhood, it is simply being viewed as a project that will destroy the character of our neighborhood while causing a severe loss of property values, and we believe there are other, much more appropriate locations.

Erik states, “It will take car trips off the roads, as workers now commuting from Marina or Soledad will be commuting from down the street.”

Comment: Pebble workers would only qualify for the low and moderate income units. Half of the units are reserved for very low income. So, this would only be 12 of 1,500 Pebble Beach Company employees. And, there is NO evidence that these would be employees that would be relocating from Marina or Soledad. It is possible, they could already live in Pacific Grove.

Erik states, “It is within walking distance of the elementary, middle and high schools.”

Comment: In this entire paragraph, Eric makes it sound as though these walks are nearby when they are NOT! He minimizes the distance by saying things like, “it is only five blocks here, and only five blocks there.” The walk to Forest Grove Elementary school takes 25 minutes from the proposed inclusionary housing location. The High School is just beyond, but the Middle School is WELL beyond. These are NOT typical city blocks. They are at least triple the length. Not to mention, these are absolutely NOT safe walks! Pedestrians must travel WITHOUT any sidewalks and cross several dangerous intersections.

Erik States: “I have a slew of neighbors who work in Pebble Beach. If the new folks moving in at the end of my block are anything like the ones I know, I predict that the community, the PTAs and the neighborhood will be enhanced by this project.”

Comment: ABSOLUTELY AGREED! However, this is NOT an appropriate location for this project!