EIR Scoping

Public input is being sought about what should  be included in the project’s Environmental Impact Report. It is vital to make your concerns known. Please act now as comments must be received no later than September 19, 2014.  For a list of issues and potential environmental effects identified to date, please see the August 15, 2014 Notice of Preparation.

Address for comments (Be sure to reference the  file number: PLN130447.)

Email:   ceqacomments@co.monterey.ca.us

Regular mail: Joseph Sidor, Monterey County Resource Management Agency – Planning, 168 West Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93901, SidorJ@co.monterey.ca.us

3 thoughts on “EIR Scoping

  1. Thank you for your efforts in protecting the existing environment with which we live in… One issue not on the list is the effect of parking lot lighting and the loss of the darkness in the adjacent MPCC East area of MCAR MLS area 176. I purchased my home on Laurel Lane in Pebble Beach and not in Pacific Grove because I did not want any street lights. I like the dark night sky and the ability to see the stars. One can not see the stars when in close proximity to the new parking lot on 17 Mile Drive by Spanish Bay. Those parking lot lights have ruined the natural dark night sky.

    I am a real estate Agent who sells many homes in the MPCC East area to clients who appreciate the Darkness of Del Monte Forest and do not want it changed.

    Mark Ryan
    Coldwell Banker

  2. Excellent comments about light pollution and buyer expectations in purchasing Del Monte Forest real estate. I hope you will forward them to the County asap to be included in the EIR scoping.

  3. Why not join hands with local communities, whose community planning boards already feature affordable future housing and community services, to meet affordable housing goals within commuting distance of Pebble Beach? Multiple plans exist regarding affordable housing and services. My questions are, 1. “What is considered an acceptable commuting distance?” 2. “How can all parties and environmental, needs be met with greatest accountability?”
    FOR A is a good place to contact to learn about future community expansions and zoning. Future proposals for housing areas of affordable housing exist. A number of affordable housing residencies are already in place, such as those established in Seaside, Marina, Monterey and Fort Ord. A number of projected projects involving community access to resources like shopping, schools, restaurants, and recreational sites have been planned and other project are being evaluated for future development. Vast quantities of land at Fort Ord are in the plans for future recreational land use. Current Fort Ord recreational sites are visited by surrounding communities because of the amount of area available for use at these recreation sites.
    All the communities in the Monterey Peninsula connect within 15 minutes. A broader dispersion of the population divided onto multiple locations seems a gentler solution, as well as provide choices for the employee that may benefit their situation better than proposed Area D. Perhaps, the employee would like to attend CSUMB to advance her/his career. The employee may then prefer to live in Marina or Seaside depending upon their, other household occupant situation. One idea to advance the applicant to the top of the move-in list quicker to an already existing affordable housing list is give greater points to the employee. The number of people per square foot will be more humane, provide better quality of living, and offer choices, to the proposed residential Area D.
    I ask that you look into incorporating, existing and proposed affordable housing plans, also, by inquiring with FOR A and other communities and agencies close to Monterey; and that you continue to protect the preserves that exist in Pebble Beach community currently. Disturbing protected habitats, sanitation issues, and number of square feet allotted for residents, guests and excess cars, noise, traffic, and safety are some concerns I have, as well as disturbing highly sensitive environments that are already under Federal protection. Some of the very reasons tourists come to Pebble Beach is because of the reserves here. Red Tail Flickers are rare and they are in Pebble Beach due to the particularity of the eco-environment. Please help to find ways to meet all parties’ needs in an eco-friendly fashion.

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