Where is the proposed project site?

The project is located in “Area D,” which is near the intersection of Congress Road and SFB Morse Drive in Pebble Beach.  PrintIt is directly adjacent to the Del Monte Park neighborhood of Pacific Grove, and other residential neighborhoods in Pebble Beach. Area D is adjacent to and, in fact, located on the same assessor’s parcel as the protected Huckleberry Hill Natural Area.

To view the vicinity map on County Planning Web site, click here.

To view overall Del Monte Forest Land Use map, click here.

What is inclusionary housing?

Inclusionary housing is developer-provided housing for very low, low, and moderate-income households. It is mandated by Federal, State, and local laws. The latest version of the County law requires that 20% of new residential development be inclusionary. Compliance may be obtained by on-site or off-site construction. Or an in-lieu fee may be paid to the County if an acceptable site is not available. See Monterey County Code Chapter 18.40

How many trees would be be cut down?

133 Monterey pines and 583 oaks would be be destroyed (716 trees total) to build 24 apartment units if the plan proceeds.  However, the definition of a “tree” for planning purposes is different from what you or I might think.  To be a “tree”, the trunk must be 6 inches in diameter 6 inches up from the ground.  Thus, many young trees are not counted.  The actual number of trees to be destroyed is probably closer to a thousand.  The Pebble Beach Company has agreed to “replace” the trees with plantings of new trees in a ratio of 2:1. Historically, these new plantings have not fared well, nor can a seedling “replace” a mature 40 to 60-year-old towering Monterey pine. One need only hike the nearby Sawmill Gulch quarry site to see the results of such previous efforts.

What type of development is proposed?

High-density, clustered apartments. (Note: these are NOT “townhouses” as misreported in local papers). The project includes 24 apartment units, office,storage facilities, carports,  parking lots, and a new access road. To view plans on County planning department web site, click here.

Is the project consistent with existing neighborhood patterns?

No. All residential lots within Pebble Beach are a minimum of one-quarter acre. There are no high-density rental apartments. The Del Monte Park neighborhood it abuts in Pacific Grove consists of single-family residences.

Does the project comply with current zoning?

No. The site is zoned MDR/4 res (medium density residential – maximum 4 single-family residences per acre). To view Monterey County zoning regulations for Medium Density (MDR) Districts, click here.

Does the County require the the project to be built on the Congress Rd. site?

No. It can be built anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula. An in-lieu fee of $5 million was originally proposed for the County to build the housing. Representatives from Carmel and Pacific Grove said that they would welcome the project in their towns. Board of Supevisors’ Resolution 12-149 revised with attachment 2 states, under 15. FINDING, that “The Board finds that a modification to the requirements of the Ordinance is appropriate due to unusual circumstances and that the development qualifies for the payment of an in-lieu fee.”

This information may be found on page 18 of Resolution 12-149. See links page for “supervisors’ meeting details”. More useful information may be obtained by reading the article entitled “What’s the Deal?” on our home page, and watching the 18-minute video taken from the Board of Supervisors meeting of 2012 where the “deal” was approved.

Does building an apartment in a residential neighborhood affect the property value of my home?

Yes. It affects it in many ways. First, if you go to sell your home, you must disclose to any buyer any factor that may cause a buyer to not want to purchase the home (TDS-14 form). An agent that represents any buyer is responsible to inform the buyer. Failure to do either could result in a lawsuit brought by the buyer when they find out after they close escrow. Judges are not lenient to either sellers or agents. Some real estate agents and appraisers feel it reduces the property by 20%. (Jim Hemphill. Calif. Real Estate Broker. License # 00665203.)

Does the project require an Environmental Impact Report?

Yes. The Congress Road site was not included in the EIR for the overall P.B. Co. build-out. (PLN100138). According to County planner, Joe Sidor, a separate EIR is required. However as of October 3, 2013, it has not been prepared. To view summary of EIR process, timeline, and opportunities for public comment, click here.

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