Pedestrian Safety Hazard in PB

The community of Pebble Beach was designed as a semi-rural area to preserve the natural beauty and forest environment. There are no sidewalks or street lights, and the streets are quite narrow and often winding. There are many blind curves.

Ortega Rd. between Congress & Forest Lodge

Ortega Rd. between Congress & Forest Lodge

In short, it can be a dangerous place to walk, and many walkers are elderly. (In fact according the the last census 54% of households in the Del Monte Forest have members 65 years or older.) Exacerbating this hazard is the fact that many people going to and from work at the hotels, golf courses, etc. use narrow residential streets as “short-cuts”. Continue reading

PB Co. argues FOR on-site inclusionary housing

“We think this is a really, really ideal site for affordable housing rental project for our employees,” Mark Stilwell, Pebble Beach Company Executive Vice President of Real Estate, speaking at the Monterey County Housing Advisory Committee Meeting, January 8, 2014 Continue reading

PB Co. on greenwashing campaign

“This habitat destruction will be on top of the over 6,000 trees already being sacrificed to PB Co’s so-called “final” DMF build-out.Equipment

Cut trees 5A recent flurry of editorials and media coverage presents the affordable apartments proposed for Pebble Beach as an environmentally beneficial project, opposed only by selfish NIMBY’s. PB Co. executive Mark Stilwell has been conducting frequent tours of the site and press interviews in an apparent attempt to sanitize an environmental nightmare and preempt balanced reporting and legitimate criticism.

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