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  • May 16, 2018
  • What Kind of Executive Coach Does Your Company Need

    The use of executive coaches by company leaders is becoming to be a popular practice among companies and law firms. Today, having a company leader enrolled in a leadership development program is not something surprising anymore. A good executive coach should fit with your company culture and this will benefit your organization to have good leaders.

    Before hiring an executive coach, it is important to know the qualities that an executive coach should possess in order to benefit your company leaders the most. Leaders who are emotionally and socially intelligent already have a well designed plan for selecting the right coaches for their executive coaching and leadership development program.

    The channeling of feedback among colleagues is one of the main functions of an executive coach. It is sometimes difficult for your peers to share authentic feedback with you. Having a skilled executive coach can encourage leaders to deliver important information to him in a very confidential way. Clear agreements, established boundaries and skilled diplomacy is important.

    If you have an executive coach, he will help you develop skills in creating relationships that will enable an easy and honest asking for feedback regularly. It is important to have regular feedback from your valued colleagues. A certified executive coach can interview critical people at work and gather data to help you improve your effectiveness at work.

    Your future development should be managed by yourself and this is what an executive coach can teach you so that you will not be merely depending on your company. Your executive coach will first show you how to form relationships with colleagues and then teach your how to come up with useful and specific feedback instead of vague judgments. If your coach will see how you are using your personal abilities to contribute to achieve your team goals and organizational goals, then you will get great support from them. However, if you are still exhibiting behaviors that you have agreed to change, then the feedback team will challenge you. With this training, you will have a better and more effective organization,

    Another task of the executive coach is to teach you to ask for feedback and manage conversation without being defensive. What the training includes is how to determine relevant feedback, which issues to prioritize, and figuring out how to handle the issues.

    A seasoned executive coach will help your company have a successful executive coaching and leadership development program. It is thus very important to choose the right executive coaches. You will then be a good leader who is emotionally and socially intelligent and who gives inspiration to people to be happily engaged and aligned with the vision and mission of your company.

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