Supervisors, Planners and PB Co. Contact info

Please call and email the Supervisors, County planners, and Pebble Beach Company executives and protest high-density re-zoning in a single-family neighborhood and the ambush development of yet more native Monterey Pine forest.

Reference Numbers

File No. PLN100138 Overall Pebble Beach Plan

File No. PLN130447 Low Income Housing

Assessor’s parcel number Area D, Huckleberry Hill and Corporate Yard APN# 008-041-009-000

Contact Information


Dave Potter (831) 755-5011

Jane Parker (831)883-7570

Simon Salinas (831)755-5033

Louis Calcagno (831)755-5022

Fernando Armenta (831)755-5011


Steve Mason (831) 755-5228 (Low-income housing PLN130447)

Joe Sider (831) 755-5262, (Del Monte Forest Build-out PLN100138)

Planning department phone number (831) 755-5025

Pebble Beach Co. Executives:

Mark Stilwell (831) 625-8449 EVP, Real Estate

Bill Perocchi (831) 622-6450 CEO

2 thoughts on “Supervisors, Planners and PB Co. Contact info

  1. Everyone I have spoken with about this is against this. My family recently purchased a home on Lincoln Ave in Pacific Grove. We have many questions about this development. Where will the water come from to support these new homes and apartments? How will the apartments affect home values in that area of Pacific Grove. If a new entrance is planned into Pebble Beach in this area how will it affect traffic? How will adding more students to the Pacific Grove Schools impact class sizes and the quality of education? Why does it seem like this is being done as quietly as possible? Meetings scheduled at 3:00P.M. on a Thursday. How many working parents can make it to this meeting to voice their opinions? Part of what makes that area a nice place to live is the fact that it is quiet and open. It has nice sections of forest where kids can play and people can walk their dogs. Cutting down large sections of forest and turning them into parking lots sounds like a terrible idea to me. Is this really necessary?

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